Suited For The Journey

About Us

Elejire African Market

Elejire African Market has been providing inspirational, spiritual products and jewelry made for the journey, with a desire to recognize individual truth.

Jade began a spiritual journey that aroused a profound regard for cross-cultural and spiritual traditions, driven by her desire for assisting others. Jade’s real mission became clear as she gained a deeper knowledge of these holy practices: to produce and sell spiritual products laden with significance that aid others in need of inspiration, healing, and empowerment.

Elejire African Market currently creates jewelry with spiritual and significant symbolism as well as semi-precious gemstones with therapeutic characteristics. Elejire Jewelry is designed to convey delight to all who wear it—a celebration of all people, all faiths, and all truths.

“My intention is that anyone can find a piece of jewelry that represents their individual truth."

Jade (Owner)

Intentionally Designed

Elejire African Market in Houston is a labor of love. Our creative team brings each design to life by starting with an intention—what it will evoke, how it will inspire.

With Care, Handcrafted

Elejire African Market's jewelry is manufactured with a commitment to ethically sourced stones, non-toxic metals, and the highest quality standards for heirloom jewelry.